1. Ardor


Your words cut deep into my skin
These wounds will heal but not within

These words are calling your name, will you be there?

No, you've done me wrong enough
Your lack of ardor is condescending
Choose your next word wisely
You're another page left in the dust

All I want is just a piece of something real inside
Take a look at me and see a pain within one's

I, can feel the hope inside of me
Hear the thoughts of what can be
Something you could never see
So go and lie
Taint the ground in which I dwell
Talk the bullshit that you do, expel
These words are weapons, hear them well

You say your lies straight to my face
You fake a smile like I can't tell
Hear these words
Hear them well

Leave me dead inside
Your aberrations aren't worth the prize
You think I didn't try
To be that something inside your eyes