Stuck behind your screen
Look up and think you're clean
Swipe left, ignore what's real
Your selfish ways you can't conceal

These walls surround the broken
Engulfs the mind, the soul, and flesh
This castigation
You ripped a life to pieces
This light won't fade from the carnage you have wrought
To all the lost and broken, scream:
I blame this generation

Fuck your lies and nonsense
You're so full of it
Fuck your false preceptions
Choke on your own shit

Croak, like you should have
Your existence is nothing to me
Do us a favor
Close your legs and shut the fuck up

You will get what's coming
You'll suffer can't you see?
Your life amounts to nothing
My mind is clear, cause we are free

Get out, your filth won't taint me now
I know that you live a lie
You left one scarred and broken
Post your shit and go die

She says that she's not coming home tonight (It's not the end)
Does it even surprise you? (Don't let this break you)
Does it even surprise you? (You will move on)
(Make her regret this choice)

Raise your hands up high (Make her regret this choice)
Don't let the world turn a blind eye (Make her regret this choice)