1. Mayflower

From the recording Mayflower


Stride upon the ashes
Was it worth the lesson learned?
Steady lies
Cover up and watch the flood engulf our eyes
Spite the rain, you once said it was fate
Point the blame into nothing

Burn the letters, all the light upon the edges fade
Mistake the lasting spark
Harbor a decay

Fake into the face of my wretched mind
I guess we’ll never see the end that we said we'd find
Beyond despair, is there nothing there?
So you can sail away when you see fire

Ride along the only wave
Sail away from matters left awry
All around departed eyes
Sail away when you see fire

Your anchor lies

Weep, leave me a wreath of allurement
Grieve, no time to source or reveal to understand the infraction
Grasp, onto the thorns that spiral deep
The perianth incinerates

Sail away